Outline Matching Game

This little activity was so simple to put together for the girls this morning.


I gathered a variety of objects varying in difficulty and traced their outline onto a piece of paper. The girls found this to be a very fun activity to be timed. I made 2 separate outline papers; easy and hard.



After the game became quite “easy” after several rounds Little Miss and her Auntie M challenged each other for a race against the clock. The giggles from these two were hysterical considering the simplicity of this activity.


After lunch Little Miss will use the outlines to practice cutting skills!

Tuesday Tots

Pet Vet Play

I have been saving this activity for a rainy day, but there is a heat advisory for us all this week meaning little to no outside play and creative play for inside.

I was inspired to create this play activity after seeing Share & Remember’s Pet Vet and ikatbag’s Pet Clinic via Pinterest.

Welcome to our Pet Vet Clinic!


I set up a receptionist office complete with a phone, billing center, waiting files, check-out files, keyboard, appointment sheet, patient charts, cash register & play money.


The clinic was complete with a waiting room, x-rays, vet supplies, band aids, casts (foil), pet food, medicine, vitamins, treats and pet bed for examinations.


The girls had so much fun playing receptionist, especially my oldest. The receptionist was in charge of taking appointments, filling out the patient charts, removing and bringing in patients, billing and payments. Little Miss loved filing the charts and entering data on the keyboard the most.

Diagnosing the patients was so fun for the girls. They loved choosing between their patient being sick, injured, baby well check-up or routine shots. They loved sorting thought the x-ray sheets to match the animal they were examining and giving those with broken or fractured limbs a foil cast. ALL animals got special treats before leaving and even a few tight squeezes from the vet.







We had ours of fun playing in our clinic. We will likely leave it up a few days as the girls keep coming and going from the center and because I’ll have an older kiddo coming over later tonight who would love to play with this AND I’m almost certain Daddio will be pulled into a few rounds of vet duty tonight as well!!!

I’d love to see your pet vet clinics, leave a link (:

Tuesday Tots

Ice Cube Painting

I’m apart of a local children’s art group and today we met to do some ice cube painting.

This activity is brilliant and beautiful!



Jessie, my friend, our children’s art group leader and also kids blog author from Play Create Explore used tempera paints, poster paint and kool-aid to make our beautiful ice cubes.

To view many more pictures, details and prior art group meet-ups visit The Children’s Art Group blog.

Cupcakes {Playdough Edition}

We hardly ever play with regular playdough, we like to make our own recipes most of the time.

I was in desperate need to keep the kids busy at their grandma and grandpa’s house, regular playdough was at my disposal AND it just so happens its the Playdough Pledge week. I needed to make this play activity last more than 20min though and that meant I had to make boring old playdough new and exciting.

Before we go on, my kids have been able to be apart of anything we have done in our kitchen since they could walk. My children know and do understand the dangers of kitchen utensils and appliances OR we would not have done this activity. The oven had not been in use and was off the whole time during this activity.

I provided them with a few bowls, a muffin tin and playdough then let the fun begin.

They had a blast making cupcake “liners”and the playdough “batter”, BUT the most fun came when carefully practicing putting the cupcakes in the oven and taking them out.

This activity was great practice for oven usage and safety for my children. If they made a mistake like touching the rack or the oven door I would buzz them letting them know they would have been burned.

A lesson on being CAREFUL was great fun for my little cupcake bakers today!

Ice Boats

We spent our early afternoon on the porch enjoying some ice boat play inspired by Mama Mia’s Heart2Heart.


I provided the girls will a mixing spoon, measuring spoon, sea shells, buckets & four of their mini lalaloopsy dolls along with their ice boats.



While waiting for the ice to begin to melt and the color of the water to change the girls spun their boats around by creating waves, they decorated the ocean bottom and let their dollies take rides on the boats while the boats floated around.



It wasn’t long before the ice boats quickly began to melt, the water changed color and the girls moved everything into one bin. Even after the ice boats were gone the water play continued with the “play props” I provided.

Any kind of water play is a favorite in our home 🙂

Tuesday Tots

Sand Playdough


I took the playdough pledge hosted by NurtureStore, The Imagination Tree and Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.

As soon as I saw this pledge I knew I wanted to make sand playdough from all the leftovers from Little Miss’ mermaid party that we had on Saturday.

I found an easy, no cook recipe from 2 Big, 2 Little.

Sand Playdough
4 cups play sand
3 cup flour
1 1/4 cup water
1/4 cup oil

Mix all ingredients and knead together till the dough forms. If its too dry add a bit more water and if it’s too wet add more sand or flour. This batch made plenty for both of my girls.


I provided the girls with many seashells, starfish, sand dollars, buckets, mini umbrellas and ribbon. They loved these options for play.


Sand playdough is such a neat sensory experience. It’s gritty and sandy, but still the consistency of regular playdough. It’s certainly heavier than regular playdough though, which brought a bit of a cool change from regular playdough in Little Miss’s eyes.



The girls played for TWO hours straight with this playdough. I can’t even get regular playdough play to last more than 20 minutes! In fact, the sand playdough is STILL spread out on the table because they aren’t ready for me to put it away quite yet.

Hands down our MOST FAVORITE playdough play by far!

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Little Miss Turns 4 {Mermaid Party}


Tomorrow, the 12th, Little Miss will officially be FOUR! We celebrated a little early with our friends and family by throwing Little Miss a MERMAID birthday party at a local lake just minutes from our home.


I used all sorts of ideas and goodies from One Charming Party’s Mermaid Guide and even more from Pinterest. My collection of mermaid party ideas can be found HERE.

I had such fun decorating and preparing for the party. Here is a little peek at our decor & menu.

Menu consisted of: PB&Jellyfish, Goldfish, Sea Cucumbers, Crab Legs (carrots), Sushi Sandwiches (pinwheels), Deep Sea Oyster Pearls (grapes), Snickerdoodles, Marshmallow Pops, Blueberry Muffins & Donuts

Little Miss loves activities so that is something I certainly wanted to incorporate into her party…









A party wouldn’t be complete without CUPCAKES! Sam’s club did an amazing job baking and icing our cupcakes and cakes, BUT I’m pretty proud of my mermaid pearl decorating!


Little Miss preparing to blow out her candles!


A June party just wouldn’t be complete without SNOW CONES for every one!


We had an amazing celebration of our Little Mermaid with many of our family and friends! Watching Little Miss play with those she holds dear to her heart at her party made me realize how grown up she is getting. This party is such a wonderful memory!



Little Miss’ BIG birthday present was her surprise playhouse, but I’ve really been wanting to get her a CD player for her room. There she is opening it at her party!!!! It is definitely a huge hit, she is constantly listening to music and books in her room.


Now that this celebration is over its time to get my ducks in a row for Miss Grace’s 2nd birthday in July!


Swimming Success

Little Miss is a big chicken in large bodies of water and Miss Grace usually is the same way. Previous summers they were like leaches on Daddio and I, not making swimming time fun for us at all.

Tonight we got a call from their aunt and uncle inviting us for a swim! We loaded up not expecting them to even get in, BUT they did!!!!


Little Miss learned to swim in her floaties and zoomed all over the pool while Miss Grace kicked around in her float all by herself.

I’m such a proud Mom! Right about now I could go buy us a pool, but I’m resisting the urge 😉

Summer Reading Tub

Our local library’s summer reading club began last Saturday meaning mandatory summer reading times and weekly trips to the library. With Little Miss’ love for reading I wanted her to have a special place for her library books & papers besides our usual library bag.

So I created a little summer reading tub for her…


Complete with our local library’s summer reading programs calendar and Little Miss’s reading log for easy viewing without opening the tub.

On the inside you’ll find her weekly book selection, a cup with a pen, bookmarks & our library receipt and card (since Little Miss likes to cart the card around on library days).


AND on a side note… take a look at Little Miss’ (4yo) book selection- CHAPTER BOOK? EARLY READERS BOOKS? What happened to the short stories, picture books and Dr.Seuss? She loves reading her chapter book with NO pictures every night. I miss my little girl, but so proud of her!

The Summer Reading Tub was featured on Kid’s Activity Blog by Quirky Mama as a great summer survival tip!

Homemade Father’s Day

Here is a little peek at what Little Miss & Miss Grace worked on today for their Daddio’s Father’s Day gift…


“All About My Dad” questionnaire & a “Hands Down Your The Best” tee!


I loved Little Miss’s fill-ins for the questionnaire… Dad’s only 5 years old, he is so strong he can pick up a table and he loves his daughters the most; were a few of my favorites.

I loved their fill-in’s for their grandpas’ so very much though, now to figure out what handmade gift they will be getting this year… any suggestions?