Cupcakes {Playdough Edition}

We hardly ever play with regular playdough, we like to make our own recipes most of the time.

I was in desperate need to keep the kids busy at their grandma and grandpa’s house, regular playdough was at my disposal AND it just so happens its the Playdough Pledge week. I needed to make this play activity last more than 20min though and that meant I had to make boring old playdough new and exciting.

Before we go on, my kids have been able to be apart of anything we have done in our kitchen since they could walk. My children know and do understand the dangers of kitchen utensils and appliances OR we would not have done this activity. The oven had not been in use and was off the whole time during this activity.

I provided them with a few bowls, a muffin tin and playdough then let the fun begin.

They had a blast making cupcake “liners”and the playdough “batter”, BUT the most fun came when carefully practicing putting the cupcakes in the oven and taking them out.

This activity was great practice for oven usage and safety for my children. If they made a mistake like touching the rack or the oven door I would buzz them letting them know they would have been burned.

A lesson on being CAREFUL was great fun for my little cupcake bakers today!


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