Pet Vet Play

I have been saving this activity for a rainy day, but there is a heat advisory for us all this week meaning little to no outside play and creative play for inside.

I was inspired to create this play activity after seeing Share & Remember’s Pet Vet and ikatbag’s Pet Clinic via Pinterest.

Welcome to our Pet Vet Clinic!


I set up a receptionist office complete with a phone, billing center, waiting files, check-out files, keyboard, appointment sheet, patient charts, cash register & play money.


The clinic was complete with a waiting room, x-rays, vet supplies, band aids, casts (foil), pet food, medicine, vitamins, treats and pet bed for examinations.


The girls had so much fun playing receptionist, especially my oldest. The receptionist was in charge of taking appointments, filling out the patient charts, removing and bringing in patients, billing and payments. Little Miss loved filing the charts and entering data on the keyboard the most.

Diagnosing the patients was so fun for the girls. They loved choosing between their patient being sick, injured, baby well check-up or routine shots. They loved sorting thought the x-ray sheets to match the animal they were examining and giving those with broken or fractured limbs a foil cast. ALL animals got special treats before leaving and even a few tight squeezes from the vet.







We had ours of fun playing in our clinic. We will likely leave it up a few days as the girls keep coming and going from the center and because I’ll have an older kiddo coming over later tonight who would love to play with this AND I’m almost certain Daddio will be pulled into a few rounds of vet duty tonight as well!!!

I’d love to see your pet vet clinics, leave a link (:

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