Outline Matching Game

This little activity was so simple to put together for the girls this morning.


I gathered a variety of objects varying in difficulty and traced their outline onto a piece of paper. The girls found this to be a very fun activity to be timed. I made 2 separate outline papers; easy and hard.



After the game became quite “easy” after several rounds Little Miss and her Auntie M challenged each other for a race against the clock. The giggles from these two were hysterical considering the simplicity of this activity.


After lunch Little Miss will use the outlines to practice cutting skills!

Tuesday Tots

7 thoughts on “Outline Matching Game

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  2. Thanks for the idea. I’m considering it on a larger scale for a birthday party with about a half dozen 2-year-olds. I figured I’d use butcher paper for the outlines and throw all the objects into a bucket.

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