Salt & Glue Painting

The girls are getting a little stir crazy since I’ve been put on bed rest. I pushed through today in hopes that a little activity gave them that special attention they’ve been needing, little did I know the clean up would be so crazy!!!


I used food coloring & water since I didn’t have liquid watercolors on hand.


The kids loved going crazy with the glue all over their papers… I even enjoyed that part too (:


The craziness began when I dumped salt out onto each of our papers then let the kids twist and curl their papers until the salt covered all the glue spots. Salt went everywhere! Next time I’ll have them do this part over a tray or even outside.


We immediately began painting our salt lines… the coolest part of the whole project!


The girls loved painting with three brushes at a time and watching the different colors collide!


I imagine we will try liquid watercolors and white paper next time that way the colors will just POP!!!

After much scrubbing and sweeping the salt is all cleaned up- I hope! I did learn this wasn’t the best “bed rest” activity solution.

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