Giant Canvas {DIY}

Last week I pulled out an activity that has been on our to-do for so long now, I even intended to do it at Miss Grace’s Art Birthday, but didn’t. The day before “induction day” for Mr. B seemed like a good time… Yup, Mr. B is here; 3 days old and happy & healthy. I’ll have a “Meet Mr. B” post up as soon as we settle back in.

All you need for this GIANT activity is a fitted sheet, we used a twin size. I then attached the fitted ends to two chairs (as you can see in the picture). You now have a GIANT canvas for your little artists- that easy!


I provided my girls with food coloring/water filled spray bottles (liquid watercolors would be best), paints and paintbrushes.


The girls insisted that bathing suits and leotards were the best painting outfits then we headed out to the yard and I enjoyed the show!




The colors were so vibrant on the white sheet, it was beautiful and I really hated having to wash it so we could use it for next time. Speaking of next time, I’m thinking glitter, glue, “natural” paintbrushes… Do you have any ideas to make this activity all new again?


2 thoughts on “Giant Canvas {DIY}

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