Meet Mr. B

Well, Mr. B made is grand debut just a few weeks ago after the longest and especially most difficult pregnancy I’ve had.

8lbs 1oz & 21 1/2″ long
10 fingers & 10 toes
Happy & Healthy
Calm & Content


We are all head over heels for this little guy. Big Sisters are great help and so extremely loving. This boy doesn’t have a chance when he is older as much as these two love him! Daddy is just pumped to toss the ball in the yard and coach is t-ball & football teams, but absolutely loves his sweet baby cuddles for now.

I’m just smitten! This boy stole my heart. I love all my children the same, but my girls are such Daddy Girls that this boy’s love for his mama (ME) is just unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I’m terrified of him growing up. As he outgrows his newborn clothes one by one these last few days the tears just flow.

Anyway, he is here and our little family is loving our new adventure as a family of 5!


& I’ll leave you with this…
Wooo Pig Sooie! Razorbacks!


2 thoughts on “Meet Mr. B

  1. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!!!!!!! So excited for your family!!!! We have 4 girls and 1 boy. He was born in March. Our girls were sooooo excited to finally have a brother. 🙂 Love your blog…..thank you for your thoughts.

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