Pumpkin Gloop

When I saw Pumpkin Gloop on Pinterest by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots I knew it was a play date must!

I froze the pumpkin insides from 4 pumpkins to use for our gloop and just defrosted it the morning of. We began by making a cornstarch and water mixture then we let the kids begin adding pumpkin insides, food coloring, more water and more cornstarch to their liking. I had many bowls, cups, measuring cups and kitchen utensils out for them to use, but the favorites were the colander and the pitcher.

Pumpkin Gloop is an extremely fun, very messy multi-sensory activity. The hard seeds, the stringy insides, the warm water, cold pumpkin and the mushy cornstarch made for an icky, but fun experience! My girls can’t wait to do this again!


Beyond Easy “5 Little Pumpkins” Puppets

We love this little book & often sing it instead of read it. I thought it would be more fun to make little puppets to go with it this year instead of using our hands as the gestures.

I usually slave over felt to make puppets but I was in a time crunch and had to get them done in just a few minutes. I had a large bag of foam shape deco stickers so I grabbed 5 orange circles and drew jack-o-lantern faces on them, then I grabbed 3 of the green hearts and cut the hearts in half to make them look like a leaf and then stuck them onto the circles. I then taped them all together and attached them to a dowel rod.

Here is our favorite version of the “5 Little Pumpkins” which is a little different than the book’s version.

5 Little Pumpkins
5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate
The first on says, “oh my it’s getting late!”
The second one says, “there are witches in the air”
The third one says, “I don’t care”
The fourth one says, “we’ll run and run and run”
The fourth one says, “lets have some fun”
and woooo went the wind
and OUT went the lights
and the 5 little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

Spooky Tree Painting

We were (& still are) stuck indoors due to illness the last several days. I decided a little painting was in order, but since the girls were stuck on the couch & it was extremely windy out I decided to let nature do the painting.

While the kids watched from the window I tied paintbrushes to our little tree/bush with yarn and dipped each one into Halloween colors (orange, purple & black). The kids were just giggly with excitement that the tree would paint them a spooky masterpiece.

The wind was just wild! Every 15-20min we would re-dip the brushes into paint. The tree created many different strokes, but the neatest were the swirls.

The painting is a neat addition to our Halloween creations in our playroom.

We are very excited to let nature paint a fall scene soon.

Hardwood Floor Shaving Cream Play


We love playing with shaving cream! In fact, I currently have 3 cans sitting on our playroom shelves, which gets a chuckle out of our visitors. I wanted to do something a little differently than our usual table top play. I decided the hardwood floor would be a larger canvas which they would enjoy.

I had a paintbrush for each of them and a back up stash of cookie cutters and sponges for them to add to the shaving cream in case they became uninterested, but their was no need for them. The hardwood floor canvas made for great play all on its own. They drew maps, letters, pictures and made prints with their bodies.

The simplicity of this play invitation was certainly more in their eyes.

& clean up was a breeze. I only used a few large towels to get it all wiped up. Don’t let the mess scare you away from trying a larger canvas for shaving cream play 😉

Halloween Laundry Busy Bag

Sharing from our HALLOWEEN BUSY BAG BASKET, again!

Mrs. Hannah, made this busy bag for us last year. I’m not sure if she is the original source or not, but I love the Halloween spin on the regular clothesline busy bag many of us already have and enjoy.

What you need:
Halloween Themed Fabric Scraps
Clothes pins
String or Yarn to make your clothesline
2 large bowls: one filled with warm water with liquid soap & the other with just warm water warm

Teach your child to:
“Wash” the laundry, swishing and squeezing the clothes
“Rinse” the laundry, swishing and wringing the clothes
& hang the clothes to dry, checking frequently for fun.

Wet & dry
Counting clothes

By the time all the clothes were hung to dry the first few had dried so Miss Grace would take them down and they would start all over again.

Mr.B loved watching his sisters, as did I. The teamwork & communication they shared during this activity was awesome.

Felt Halloween Busy Bags

Sharing from our HALLOWEEN BUSY BAG BASKET, again!

Here are some more Halloween Busy Bags we received from our Halloween Swap last year. I’m not sure of the source these two activities came from.

Candy Corn Puzzle
Sequencing: Big, Medium & Small
Color Recognition: Yellow, White & Orange


Halloween Felt Doll Dress-up
Costumes: ghost, witch & pumpkin
Match the correct pieces to complete the costume


Memory of Me

I’m sure you’ve been seeing the article “The Mom Stays in The Picture” by Allison Tate floating around on FB and various blogs, well I finally made time to read it. I was in tears by the end.

I too am rather frumpy right now. I’ve just moved our family of 5 to a new town, I’ve got a preschooler, a toddler & a 6 week old. I reek of spit up, got those leaky, porn-star size boobs (funniest part of Allison Tate’s article!), semi-hairy legs (yes, gross!) and if I don’t have a kiddo on my back or in my arms I’m running around keeping the laundry, dishes and cleaning up. I’m NEVER in any condition to have my picture made these days. Even if I spend forever getting ready my eyes look tired, skin splotchy or my hair is tied up in a bun.

This post hurt my heart. I rarely have “raw” moment pictures taken with my kids. As a person who lost her Dad to liver cancer at age 15, I long for pictures that we had taken with him, but I have few and far between. I want my children to have a memory of me. The fun we had making silly faces, playing together, the never-ending love for them just beaming from my eyes, the happiness that shines from my smile.

I no longer care if they have picture evidence of my bun, spit-up stained t-shirt or splotchy skin. I want nothing more than picture evidence that I was always beside them, loving them and enjoying them.








Let this be, their memory of me.

Halloween Slime


We LOVE busy bags! Last year I hosted a few Halloween busy bag swaps and I held onto my bags for future use. I’m glad that I did because we have been having a lot of family (& friend) fun pulling them out. One of my bags contained Halloween slime and Little Miss couldn’t wait another minute to do this one.


I love the idea of pre-packaging the slime to handout to friends for a Halloween goodie.

1c of cornstarch, add to a bowl…
1c of baking soda, add it to the bowl…
Take 1/2c of water and add it to the bowl…
Mix with your hands
The mixture will harden– then soften –then drip while you form and play with it.
Clean up is easy with a little soap & water.


Along with the regular cups & spoons, I gave the kids some Halloween goodies to add the the mix such as:
Spider rings
Plastic skeletons
Google eyes
Cookie cutters

The kids made spooky prints on the table with the Halloween goodies and their hands, played search & rescue with the rings & of course just mushed, mixed & formed the slime with their hands.

A spooktacular, icky, MUST DO Halloween activity for any kid (: