Halloween Laundry Busy Bag

Sharing from our HALLOWEEN BUSY BAG BASKET, again!

Mrs. Hannah, made this busy bag for us last year. I’m not sure if she is the original source or not, but I love the Halloween spin on the regular clothesline busy bag many of us already have and enjoy.

What you need:
Halloween Themed Fabric Scraps
Clothes pins
String or Yarn to make your clothesline
2 large bowls: one filled with warm water with liquid soap & the other with just warm water warm

Teach your child to:
“Wash” the laundry, swishing and squeezing the clothes
“Rinse” the laundry, swishing and wringing the clothes
& hang the clothes to dry, checking frequently for fun.

Wet & dry
Counting clothes

By the time all the clothes were hung to dry the first few had dried so Miss Grace would take them down and they would start all over again.

Mr.B loved watching his sisters, as did I. The teamwork & communication they shared during this activity was awesome.


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