Hardwood Floor Shaving Cream Play


We love playing with shaving cream! In fact, I currently have 3 cans sitting on our playroom shelves, which gets a chuckle out of our visitors. I wanted to do something a little differently than our usual table top play. I decided the hardwood floor would be a larger canvas which they would enjoy.

I had a paintbrush for each of them and a back up stash of cookie cutters and sponges for them to add to the shaving cream in case they became uninterested, but their was no need for them. The hardwood floor canvas made for great play all on its own. They drew maps, letters, pictures and made prints with their bodies.

The simplicity of this play invitation was certainly more in their eyes.

& clean up was a breeze. I only used a few large towels to get it all wiped up. Don’t let the mess scare you away from trying a larger canvas for shaving cream play 😉


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