Tub Time Tunes {Bath Activity}

I haven’t, nor had I planned to jump on the Bath Activities for Kids, by Growing a Jeweled Rose, bandwagon until I picked up the Tub Time Tunes kit from my local Wal-Mart for only $4.00! I love bargains, especially when we get a fun adventure out of them.

This bath was so easy to prep. I simply cut out musical notes from foam and stuck them to the side of the tub, put our CD player in the bathroom and played lots of fun children’s songs, added the tub instruments & music sheets and lastly bubbles! I was so excited about sharing our bath activity and then I discovered Bath Activities for Kids already had a ROCKIN’ music bath!

My kiddos rarely take baths, they prefer taking showers instead, but after all the fun they had with this bath maybe I’ll find the time to make shower time a little adventure once in awhile. I’ve been inspired 😉

Visit Bath Activities for Kids to see all sorts of amazing bath adventures.

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