ABC Egg Dig {In Snow}

Yesterday’s snow was brought indoors for a little ABC recognition and sound practice for the littles.
We filled our block wagon with snow and hid our halved Easter eggs that have our uppercase letters on one half and lowercase letters on the other in the snow.

As the littles dug through the snow they would collect the egg halves in their bowls. They loved playing in the snow while indoors where it was nice and warm {warm enough for Miss Grace to spend the day in her swim suit, obviously she is longing for summer, haha}.

When all the eggs were found we sat down and the littles searched for the correct letters that went with their halves then matched them. I helped very little, but when an egg was matched I had the littles say their sound. They were so proud of their teamwork and one another that they kept praising one another with each success. I loved the high five!

Of course if you don’t have snow you could use other fillers such as water, sand, shaving cream & etc.

2 thoughts on “ABC Egg Dig {In Snow}

  1. I did this activity today in my home daycare and it was great, the kids had a blast! I did a little variation, with two plastic bins and put capital letter egg halves in one and lower case letter egg halves in the other bin. I was really surprised at how well the snow held up in the warm house! Thanks so much for this great activity, the kids already want to do it again this afternoon! I did this with a 20 month old, 3 year old and two four year olds!

    • That’s so AWESOME! We had a blast, but I’m glad we finally have some warm weather here. That’s a great idea to separate the halves! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how much you loved it. Happy Friday 🙂

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