Cardboard Tube Heart Stamping

In my AWANA class yesterday evening we made beautiful heart stamp pictures for the people we love.

This is such a simple activity. All you need is paint, cardboard tube & paper. Simply shape the end of the tube into a heart and begin stamping!

We added glitter to our finished products!

Happy Valentines Day, friends 🙂

Growing Grass

Miss Grace started her first year of the AWANA program in Puggles this year. One of her lessons was “God Made Grass!” In class they planted grass seed in soil in a Dixie cup to bring home and take care of. Miss Grace just babied her grass always making sure she watered it and that the blinds were open for it to get sunlight.

& it began growing & growing until her grass needed to be cut. What better way for a toddler to practice using scissors?

This is an easy hands on activity engaging my toddler to be responsible for taking care of her grass and practicing her scissor skills. So, plant some grass!

I’ve got big plans for some indoor grass growing here soon 😉


Cinnamon & Sugar Bear Buscuits

Last night I made the most adorable AWANA Cubbies snack with my little class. It was the suggested snack in my teachers manual and though I usually don’t follow the suggestions I couldn’t wait to do this one.
We used 2 cans of biscuits to make 7 large (Cubbie) bears. You’ll need 2 biscuits per bear. Cut 1 in half & the other in quarters.

I let my class roll the halves into balls then cover them in cinnamon & sugar. One of these will be the bears head and the other is the body. Next, roll the quarters into arms and legs then cover in the cinnamon & sugar. You should have a few extra biscuits from your can to make ears for your bears as well. Build your bears & bake them according to the directions on your can.
Look how adorable they turned out!

TIP: If you are making these with a group then write names or initials on popsicle sticks, place name side down on the pan and build your bear on top of them so that no one gets someone else’s.