Bubble Wrap Mat {Sensory Activity for Baby}

We taped a large square of bubble wrap to our rug in the playroom for Mr to explore. He was fascinated with the bubble wrap and was occupied for quite awhile. Pitching, rolling, crawling, stomping & smacking the bubbles and listening to them POP. He would just look up at me and grin like he was such a big guy while playing on the mat.

I urge you to not leave your baby unattended during this activity in case of harm/injury.

Bubble Wrap Shape Stamping

Don’t you just love getting mail packed with bubble wrap?
We cut shapes out of ours and coated one side with paint to do some shape stamping with Miss Grace.

Not only was this a great learning activity, but it was fun sensory experience as well.
We’ve got another bubble wrap activity in the works, stay tuned!