Halloween Laundry Busy Bag

Sharing from our HALLOWEEN BUSY BAG BASKET, again!

Mrs. Hannah, made this busy bag for us last year. I’m not sure if she is the original source or not, but I love the Halloween spin on the regular clothesline busy bag many of us already have and enjoy.

What you need:
Halloween Themed Fabric Scraps
Clothes pins
String or Yarn to make your clothesline
2 large bowls: one filled with warm water with liquid soap & the other with just warm water warm

Teach your child to:
“Wash” the laundry, swishing and squeezing the clothes
“Rinse” the laundry, swishing and wringing the clothes
& hang the clothes to dry, checking frequently for fun.

Wet & dry
Counting clothes

By the time all the clothes were hung to dry the first few had dried so Miss Grace would take them down and they would start all over again.

Mr.B loved watching his sisters, as did I. The teamwork & communication they shared during this activity was awesome.

Felt Halloween Busy Bags

Sharing from our HALLOWEEN BUSY BAG BASKET, again!

Here are some more Halloween Busy Bags we received from our Halloween Swap last year. I’m not sure of the source these two activities came from.

Candy Corn Puzzle
Sequencing: Big, Medium & Small
Color Recognition: Yellow, White & Orange


Halloween Felt Doll Dress-up
Costumes: ghost, witch & pumpkin
Match the correct pieces to complete the costume


Halloween Slime


We LOVE busy bags! Last year I hosted a few Halloween busy bag swaps and I held onto my bags for future use. I’m glad that I did because we have been having a lot of family (& friend) fun pulling them out. One of my bags contained Halloween slime and Little Miss couldn’t wait another minute to do this one.


I love the idea of pre-packaging the slime to handout to friends for a Halloween goodie.

1c of cornstarch, add to a bowl…
1c of baking soda, add it to the bowl…
Take 1/2c of water and add it to the bowl…
Mix with your hands
The mixture will harden– then soften –then drip while you form and play with it.
Clean up is easy with a little soap & water.


Along with the regular cups & spoons, I gave the kids some Halloween goodies to add the the mix such as:
Spider rings
Plastic skeletons
Google eyes
Cookie cutters

The kids made spooky prints on the table with the Halloween goodies and their hands, played search & rescue with the rings & of course just mushed, mixed & formed the slime with their hands.

A spooktacular, icky, MUST DO Halloween activity for any kid (:

5 Ways To Play With Old Maid Cards


We love getting out our deck of Old Maid cards and just playing with them. Truth is… we have NEVER actually played Old Maid with them.

Here are 5 different ways we play with them at our house:

1. Matching: We shuffle our cards, spread them face down then take turns flipping over 2 cards at a time trying to find a match. (Remove Old Maid Card)

Play w/ Old Maid Card: If a player turns the Old Maid over they get an extra turn that round. Be sure to remove the Old Maid once it’s been found.

2. Memory: For this memory game I take 8 pairs of cards that match from the Old Maid deck, split them up into two decks making sure that there are no pairs in each deck, then I place one of the decks in a particular sequence. I let the kids analyze the cards for a bit then I stack the deck back up and they use their deck to make the sequence of cards that I made. This can be very tricky at times, but if it gets easy for your child just add more pairs of cards to your deck to add more difficulty. (Remove Old Maid Card)

3. Sorting: Our Old Maid cards consist of different poses from all the Disney princesses so my girls greatly enjoy when I shuffle the deck and let them sort the cards into different piles of each princess. (Remove Old Maid Card)

4. Slap: We use the whole deck for this game, but remove the old maid card. Before we start we decide which princess we want to “slap” (wow, that sentence sounds harsh!!!). I then shuffle the deck and deal the cards one by one until the deck is gone. One of us lays down a card in the middle and we take turns until the princess we agreed upon is laid down then we must slap the deck. Whoever slaps the deck first gets the pile of cards. The winner is the person who ends up with the most in their “slapped” pile.

Play W/ Old Maid Card: You can also slap the deck when the Old Maid has been turned over AND steal another player’s slapped pile.

5. OLD MAID: Play it like your supposed to 😉 That’s on our bucket list for the week IF I can talk the kids out of playing the other “games” we play with our Old Maid cards!

Backyard Kiddie Clothesline

Only a few days of play in the surprise playhouse and it was very apparent the kids certainly needed there own clothesline. Mud pies meant water and water meant clothes being drenched and then removed and lastly thrown all over the yard. It only made sense that if they wanted to remove their clothes they needed to hang them to dry so they could be thrown in the laundry bin.

I had an extra Clothesline Busy Bag, similar to the one from Money Saving Mom that I set up for the girls in between two trees by the playhouse. They were so excited to use it so I gave them a bowl of soapy water and the felt clothes and they began washing & hanging.


Our busy bag sits on the self of the playhouse for outdoor use anytime they feel like washing felt clothes.

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