Rose Petal Tea Party

My beautiful bouquet of roses that my amazing husband delivered to me for Valentines day were very wilted this morning. Usually I would toss them in the trash, but the petals on my roses still looked pretty so I removed all the petals and put them in a basket to think of some kind of project to do with my girls like a “ROSE PETAL TEA PARTY”. I gathered our tea set, a glass bowl, some mason jars filled with clear and colored water and some wooden spoons. Before I let the girl come outside I scattered the rose petals in our yard for them to gather.

I didn’t have to explain what was going on once I gave them their basket and they had a look at the play invitation they were hard at work gathering the petals, pouring water, mixing, mushing and adding other natural materials to their rose petal tea concoction.

& there we sat in our front yard pretend sipping on our rose petal tea, which had a wonderful fragrance I must add.

We can’t wait till it warms up even more for more outdoor adventures, but for now we anticipate a snow storm coming in tomorrow.



Little Meteorologist


Our daily routine has been interrupted by several storms today, resulting in me keeping the tv on for weather updates from our local news station. Little Miss became extremely interested in watching the updates and later told me she wanted to be a “weather person and a mom instead of an astronaut mom.”

When my tech savvy husband arrived I asked him to set us up something so she could pretend and as easy as “123” he had our laptop hooked up to our tv using a HDMI cord and had the screen blown up to the local forecast so she could give us her own version of the news.

We had a lot of fun playing in our weather newsroom! Snow, hail & tornadoes are headed our way… It turns out she was dead on with that too! & if your in Mexico be on the look out for 30ft of snow 😉

Meteorologist Little Miss

and her wonderful (& bossy) producer, Miss Grace


Of course if you don’t have the items to hook up to your tv you could always use a map or let the littles create their own on poster board.