Drink Holder Gift Basket {Baby Shower}

I have another drink holder gift basket idea for you, this time for that special baby that’s on it’s way. This was for our little cousin that should be here in a few more months, hurray 😉

Obviously there isn’t a noticeable theme to this basket because we based what we bought on Mr. B’s (6m) favorite things or things we had to go out and buy bc we didn’t get them at our baby showers.

I’m absolutely addicted to these gift baskets!!!

Drink Holder Gift Basket {4 Tweens}

I helped put together a little birthday gift for a friend of my tween sister’s. They aren’t the closest of friends so we opted for a fun gift basket full of the girls favorite treats.

We filled the bottom with paper Easter grass then poked all the treats into the different sections.

Then we went tissue paper crazy!

I’m loving the drink holder gift baskets and can’t wait to share more with you. Very soon in fact!


Homemade Father’s Day

Here is a little peek at what Little Miss & Miss Grace worked on today for their Daddio’s Father’s Day gift…


“All About My Dad” questionnaire & a “Hands Down Your The Best” tee!


I loved Little Miss’s fill-ins for the questionnaire… Dad’s only 5 years old, he is so strong he can pick up a table and he loves his daughters the most; were a few of my favorites.

I loved their fill-in’s for their grandpas’ so very much though, now to figure out what handmade gift they will be getting this year… any suggestions?