Preschooler’s Journal: Daily Journal for Pre-Writers


Little Miss loves telling stories, expressing herself and imagining so when I began planning our homeschool days I really wanted to incorporate journaling for my pre-writer. I discovered a great composition notebook at our local Wally World that has a section for drawings then sections for writing; a great mix for pre-writers.


I prep Little Miss’ journal with journal prompts for 5 days at a time; either with my own or prompts that I gather from other sites such as Super Teacher Worksheets. Some days are serious, funny, basic or imaginative, either way Little Miss thoroughly enjoys journaling.


When it comes to the writing part of her journaling sometimes she “writes” lines or letters that she has been learning, but either way I ask her to share her journal writing with me and her siblings so that we know what she is journaling about then I write what she shared with us.

Does your preschooler journal? Tell me about it!

For more of an idea check out the journals I love from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.

Weekly Alphabet Basket

We began preschool homeschooling for Little Miss today and the whole family had great fun going through our Letter A alphabet basket.

This week I put the basket together without help from the kiddos so they could see what it was all about before Little Miss does it on her own for the following weeks. It was really great listening to the kids sound out the items in the basket to be certain they all began with the letter A.

Our basket sits on our homeschool shelf for the kids to grab or add things to throughout the week.
To see what we are mostly up to this week click here for an overview of the curriculum for Letter A that we have chosen, but we have even more planned than this. Little Miss is loving all the worksheets and fun activities so far!!!

Story Wands

I have seen these awesome story wands on Lakeshore Learning in the past and thought they were so cool and a must have for homeschool, but then I discovered homemade story wands by Measured in Moments and I just had to get started on our very own.


The questions on our wands include:
What was the problem?
What is the story about?
Who are the characters in the story?
What was your favorite part?
How did the story end?
Where was the setting?


We haven’t used these yet, but I’m sure Little Miss will love answering the story wand questions. This after reading activity will be great for me to see what she needs to work on while reading a book… listening, problem solving, comprehension, etc. or to use just discussing another fun book. I’m very excited to use these!