DIY Light Table

What mom of toddlers and preschoolers hasn’t drooled over the amazing tight tables for sale online?
I know I have many of times, but the hefty price tag just isn’t appealing to me. I’ve waited many, many months to catch one on sale, but the price is never right. Recently I decided to search Pinterest for some DIY alternatives and I found one I liked really well by Here Comes The Sun.

I even had everything necessary to make it! I didn’t go to the extent of drilling holes, finding a lid and such, but I did grab a clear tub and strand of Christmas lights!

I plugged in my lights and flipped my tub upside down on top of them -THAT SIMPLE!!!!

I surprised my kiddos with their new favorite toy by setting up this play invitation in their tent…


At their disposal was:
-a clear container of salt with silly straws to write with
-shiny sequences
-foam shapes
-ABC/123 letters

They went to playing like crazy as soon as they entered through the doors! I had a blast just watching them.



Little Miss didn’t hesitate spewing out her ideas for future light table play. I’m very excited about several of them, stay tuned!