RAOK Love Tokens


My kiddos effortlessly bestow kindness on everyone they come across outside of our home, but sometimes and in most cases here lately, kindness is far from the way my children are treating one another. I’ve seen so much hype about RAOK for Valentines and I got to thinking… we need RAOK at home! I want my children to treat one another the way they treat others and for it to become a habit.

I threw together “love buckets” for each of my children (not including Mr.B)


& another bucket filled with 50 love tokens which they will receive when they do a RAOK at home.


The idea is that when all the love tokens are dispensed into the love buckets the kids get to choose an at home family activity like family game night, movie night, dance night, etc.

Kindness begins at home!

“The Christmas Express”

We sure have been busy the last few months, but I’m finding some time to hop on the blog and share a wonderful Christmas adventure we had last night!

We are “Elf on the Shelf” fanatics! The hubby and I go BIG every night with our elf. We stay up super late waiting for all the munchkins to fall into a deep dreamy sleep then the elf fun begins. While cuddling and browsing pinterest together (yup, my hubby totally browses with me from time to time) we came across “The Christmas Express” by Confessions of a Homeschooler. This is a spin off of “The Polar Express” movie.

We paired “The Christmas Express” with our “Elf on the Shelf” and the memories began…

Yesterday morning the kiddos woke up to find this note from their elf scout, Wally:


Oh, the anxiousness that came from my littles. They searched ALL day! It became evening time & we made plans with our neighbors (who happen to family) to watch “The Polar Express” after dinner, baths & pj’s.

By dark we told the kiddos we would have to finish the movie another night and it was time for everyone to go to bed. Sadness and whiney “pleases” filled the room and our guests went home and we began tucking our kiddos into bed when Little Miss discovered a golden ticket on her pillow, then on Miss Grace & Mr.B’s as well. There were giggles galore. We prompted the kiddos to grab their house-shoes and jackets and head out the door. Much to their discovery our old bronco was still decorated, the top was off (decorated from the previous night watching the local parade) and up on top sat our missing elf scout, Wally.


Daddy punched everyone’s tickets and we backed out the driveway only to discover our neighbors (family) who had joined us for the movie had tickets too and their bronco was all ready to go as well. Daddy hopped out and punched their tickets too. We mixed some hot cocoa and filled bags of popcorn which was all left in the front seat and we set off to browse Christmas lights.



We spent over an house browsing the lights all over our little town as all the little’s giggled, yelled “Merry Christmas” and sang Christmas music. This is such a sweet memory and one of our new Christmas traditions.

Meet Mr. B

Well, Mr. B made is grand debut just a few weeks ago after the longest and especially most difficult pregnancy I’ve had.

8lbs 1oz & 21 1/2″ long
10 fingers & 10 toes
Happy & Healthy
Calm & Content


We are all head over heels for this little guy. Big Sisters are great help and so extremely loving. This boy doesn’t have a chance when he is older as much as these two love him! Daddy is just pumped to toss the ball in the yard and coach is t-ball & football teams, but absolutely loves his sweet baby cuddles for now.

I’m just smitten! This boy stole my heart. I love all my children the same, but my girls are such Daddy Girls that this boy’s love for his mama (ME) is just unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I’m terrified of him growing up. As he outgrows his newborn clothes one by one these last few days the tears just flow.

Anyway, he is here and our little family is loving our new adventure as a family of 5!


& I’ll leave you with this…
Wooo Pig Sooie! Razorbacks!

My Kids & Chores: Questions Answered

I posted the below pictures to my personal FB earlier today and before I knew it my cell was buzzing with texts from friends asking many questions about my kids & chores. What are my suggestions? Are they rewarded with pay? What do your kid’s do by themselves?

Miss Grace, almost 2yrs.


Little Miss, almost 4yrs.


So I compiled a list of things my girls have helped me with for quite sometime and the newest chores that are now their responsibility.

Typically my girls help me by:
folding wash rags, picking up their rooms, swiffering- that’s a great chore because the regular swiffers can be lowered to kid size by taking out one of the links to the pole, vacuuming with a handheld vacuum (they make a mess, they know to get the handheld) & gathering laundry from each room and carrying it to the laundry room.

I usually help them load the clothes into the dryer, but after today that seems like the perfect job for Miss Grace to do on her own, she loved the independence. It was Little Miss’s first time unloading the dishwasher by herself; I did unload all knives and glass first. She did buck heads with me on doing this chore by herself, but eventually did it willingly. I think that will be a daily chore for her from now on!

I do not reward my children for chores with surprises or pay. I do not want my kids growing up thinking every time they complete a responsibility there will be a materialistic reward. Instead I reward them with excessive praise. I’m kinda like their personal cheerleader 😉

What does you children’s chore list look like?