Bubble Wrap Shape Stamping

Don’t you just love getting mail packed with bubble wrap?
We cut shapes out of ours and coated one side with paint to do some shape stamping with Miss Grace.

Not only was this a great learning activity, but it was fun sensory experience as well.
We’ve got another bubble wrap activity in the works, stay tuned!

Cardboard Tube Heart Stamping

In my AWANA class yesterday evening we made beautiful heart stamp pictures for the people we love.

This is such a simple activity. All you need is paint, cardboard tube & paper. Simply shape the end of the tube into a heart and begin stamping!

We added glitter to our finished products!

Happy Valentines Day, friends 🙂

Spooky Tree Painting

We were (& still are) stuck indoors due to illness the last several days. I decided a little painting was in order, but since the girls were stuck on the couch & it was extremely windy out I decided to let nature do the painting.

While the kids watched from the window I tied paintbrushes to our little tree/bush with yarn and dipped each one into Halloween colors (orange, purple & black). The kids were just giggly with excitement that the tree would paint them a spooky masterpiece.

The wind was just wild! Every 15-20min we would re-dip the brushes into paint. The tree created many different strokes, but the neatest were the swirls.

The painting is a neat addition to our Halloween creations in our playroom.

We are very excited to let nature paint a fall scene soon.