Animal Snow Day {Baby Bin}

A few days ago we had our first good snow this winter. With it being Mr. B’s 1st snow day I was too excited to let him discover. I tossed some in a tray then added his favorite animals to play with gnaw on.

I let him discover the cold animals and snow on his own and he was absolutely loving it. While he examined the snow I would tell him “cold snow” and soon enough each time he touched the snow he would look at me and grin waiting for me to tell him once again.

I love to see Mr. B in discovery 🙂

& I must share Mr. B with his aunt, sisters and VERY FIRST SNOWMAN!


Bubble Wrap Mat {Sensory Activity for Baby}

We taped a large square of bubble wrap to our rug in the playroom for Mr to explore. He was fascinated with the bubble wrap and was occupied for quite awhile. Pitching, rolling, crawling, stomping & smacking the bubbles and listening to them POP. He would just look up at me and grin like he was such a big guy while playing on the mat.

I urge you to not leave your baby unattended during this activity in case of harm/injury.

Baby Bins: Little People & Weebles

Mr. B has become very interested in playing so I’ve started tossing random things into bins for him to explore. First up is his Little People and Weebles baby bin; keeping his little hands busy and his spirit content while mommy tended and played with babies with the big girls.

Mr loved removing all the items in his bin one by one, but couldn’t quite get them back into the bin, so he fussed till I encouraged {& showed} him how to fill the bin back up just so he could remove them all again.

I sure hope we don’t start dumping the bins quite yet, it’s nice that its keeping him occupied removing, looking & tasting the items in his bin 😉
Here is his favorite…