Color Sorting with Melty Beads

We love melty beads! This activity was a fun twist with using our jar full. We colored toothpicks with markers then stuck them into playdough so that we could then sort the beads by color.

This activity required great concentration while practicing color recognition and fine motor skills.

Playdough Shapes Activity

We had quite a bit of fun making shapes with playdough this morning. I drew shapes on small index cards and stuck them in our shape box for the littles to pick a card and then make the shape. We had fun helping one another manipulate the playdough, count sides and cut the shapes out.

Our favorite was doing our free shape cards!


Play Dough Cages {Zoo Activity}


We are taking a trip to a zoo this weekend and have been talking about animals and the zoo all week! This was an easy activity for my kiddos and they played for an hour making cages! We talked all about the different types of animals they may have, what kind of environments they live in, and which animals eat plants, veggies, and meat. They loved it! Even Miss Rae loved watching and playing with the little animals!


All you need is little play animals, play dough, and sticks!


Cupcakes {Playdough Edition}

We hardly ever play with regular playdough, we like to make our own recipes most of the time.

I was in desperate need to keep the kids busy at their grandma and grandpa’s house, regular playdough was at my disposal AND it just so happens its the Playdough Pledge week. I needed to make this play activity last more than 20min though and that meant I had to make boring old playdough new and exciting.

Before we go on, my kids have been able to be apart of anything we have done in our kitchen since they could walk. My children know and do understand the dangers of kitchen utensils and appliances OR we would not have done this activity. The oven had not been in use and was off the whole time during this activity.

I provided them with a few bowls, a muffin tin and playdough then let the fun begin.

They had a blast making cupcake “liners”and the playdough “batter”, BUT the most fun came when carefully practicing putting the cupcakes in the oven and taking them out.

This activity was great practice for oven usage and safety for my children. If they made a mistake like touching the rack or the oven door I would buzz them letting them know they would have been burned.

A lesson on being CAREFUL was great fun for my little cupcake bakers today!

Sand Playdough


I took the playdough pledge hosted by NurtureStore, The Imagination Tree and Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.

As soon as I saw this pledge I knew I wanted to make sand playdough from all the leftovers from Little Miss’ mermaid party that we had on Saturday.

I found an easy, no cook recipe from 2 Big, 2 Little.

Sand Playdough
4 cups play sand
3 cup flour
1 1/4 cup water
1/4 cup oil

Mix all ingredients and knead together till the dough forms. If its too dry add a bit more water and if it’s too wet add more sand or flour. This batch made plenty for both of my girls.


I provided the girls with many seashells, starfish, sand dollars, buckets, mini umbrellas and ribbon. They loved these options for play.


Sand playdough is such a neat sensory experience. It’s gritty and sandy, but still the consistency of regular playdough. It’s certainly heavier than regular playdough though, which brought a bit of a cool change from regular playdough in Little Miss’s eyes.



The girls played for TWO hours straight with this playdough. I can’t even get regular playdough play to last more than 20 minutes! In fact, the sand playdough is STILL spread out on the table because they aren’t ready for me to put it away quite yet.

Hands down our MOST FAVORITE playdough play by far!

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