Backyard Kiddie Clothesline

Only a few days of play in the surprise playhouse and it was very apparent the kids certainly needed there own clothesline. Mud pies meant water and water meant clothes being drenched and then removed and lastly thrown all over the yard. It only made sense that if they wanted to remove their clothes they needed to hang them to dry so they could be thrown in the laundry bin.

I had an extra Clothesline Busy Bag, similar to the one from Money Saving Mom that I set up for the girls in between two trees by the playhouse. They were so excited to use it so I gave them a bowl of soapy water and the felt clothes and they began washing & hanging.


Our busy bag sits on the self of the playhouse for outdoor use anytime they feel like washing felt clothes.

Tuesday Tots

Surprise Playhouse

Little Miss turns 4 on June 12th and has begged and hinted for a playhouse the last few months. I was SHOCKED by the cost of a pre-made playhouse especially when I have quite the handy man of a hubby.

I was inspired by Apartment Therapy’s Tea House Playhouse, but dreamed a bit more for what I envisioned as far as play for my kids. I threw Apartment Therapy’s playhouse at my hubby as well as all my ideas and he just went with it- talk about an adventure!

I sent the girls off with my Mom for an entire weekend and we went to building!



Not even two days later we had Little Miss’s playhouse complete and waiting on her to arrive home.


Complete with a mailbox (to write letters to the fairies), a personal garden, sitting areas, chalkboard, mud kitchen, secret path to blackberry briars, walk around porch & private parking places…




So she DID receive her big surprise many weeks in advance, BUT we are enjoying it so very much. Our days either begin or end in their playhouse.

Miss Grace’s birthday is approaching this July and boy do I have a few more backyard birthday surprises in store!

Tuesday Tots

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