Story Wands

I have seen these awesome story wands on Lakeshore Learning in the past and thought they were so cool and a must have for homeschool, but then I discovered homemade story wands by Measured in Moments and I just had to get started on our very own.


The questions on our wands include:
What was the problem?
What is the story about?
Who are the characters in the story?
What was your favorite part?
How did the story end?
Where was the setting?


We haven’t used these yet, but I’m sure Little Miss will love answering the story wand questions. This after reading activity will be great for me to see what she needs to work on while reading a book… listening, problem solving, comprehension, etc. or to use just discussing another fun book. I’m very excited to use these!

Summer Reading Tub

Our local library’s summer reading club began last Saturday meaning mandatory summer reading times and weekly trips to the library. With Little Miss’ love for reading I wanted her to have a special place for her library books & papers besides our usual library bag.

So I created a little summer reading tub for her…


Complete with our local library’s summer reading programs calendar and Little Miss’s reading log for easy viewing without opening the tub.

On the inside you’ll find her weekly book selection, a cup with a pen, bookmarks & our library receipt and card (since Little Miss likes to cart the card around on library days).


AND on a side note… take a look at Little Miss’ (4yo) book selection- CHAPTER BOOK? EARLY READERS BOOKS? What happened to the short stories, picture books and Dr.Seuss? She loves reading her chapter book with NO pictures every night. I miss my little girl, but so proud of her!

The Summer Reading Tub was featured on Kid’s Activity Blog by Quirky Mama as a great summer survival tip!