Sponge Seed Pods


This is a really fun easy activity to do with your little ones for spring. All you need is a packet or two of seeds (herbs preferably), a few new sponges, scissors and a marker. I traced different shapes the kids chose and cut them out. We discussed different shapes and counted the sides. Once you have them cut out put them on a tray or plate that will hold a bit of water. Sprinkle each sponge with seeds, and spray with water until its damp but not soaked. I also pour a little water on the tray to help keep them moist.


Make sure sponges stay damp and place in direct sunlight during the day. At night turn a plastic container over them at night to keep moist. Happy growing!


Playdough Shapes Activity

We had quite a bit of fun making shapes with playdough this morning. I drew shapes on small index cards and stuck them in our shape box for the littles to pick a card and then make the shape. We had fun helping one another manipulate the playdough, count sides and cut the shapes out.

Our favorite was doing our free shape cards!


Shape Sort


My little guy is terribly ill and my tot is just busting at the seems to do anything, but self occupy. She was in desperate need of an activity that she could do on her own while I rocked her baby brother nearby. All that I was required of was conversation on shapes and a little quality time.

Miss Grace knows most of her shapes, but she loves to sort objects so this was a blast for her. If you don’t have foam shapes like we used you could always cut shapes out of paper.


Beyond Easy “5 Little Pumpkins” Puppets

We love this little book & often sing it instead of read it. I thought it would be more fun to make little puppets to go with it this year instead of using our hands as the gestures.

I usually slave over felt to make puppets but I was in a time crunch and had to get them done in just a few minutes. I had a large bag of foam shape deco stickers so I grabbed 5 orange circles and drew jack-o-lantern faces on them, then I grabbed 3 of the green hearts and cut the hearts in half to make them look like a leaf and then stuck them onto the circles. I then taped them all together and attached them to a dowel rod.

Here is our favorite version of the “5 Little Pumpkins” which is a little different than the book’s version.

5 Little Pumpkins
5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate
The first on says, “oh my it’s getting late!”
The second one says, “there are witches in the air”
The third one says, “I don’t care”
The fourth one says, “we’ll run and run and run”
The fourth one says, “lets have some fun”
and woooo went the wind
and OUT went the lights
and the 5 little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

Sticker Shape Trace


We have an abundant amount of stickers in our home, I’m always trying to find new ways to discard them. This little, fun & time consuming activity was perfect to practice our shapes and use up a bunch of stickers. Little Miss (4yrs) knows all her shapes, but loved the activity still and Miss Grace (2yrs) is in the process of learning and drawing all her shapes so this was awesome practice for her.


We had shape printouts from Coloring Castle already printed out, but if you didn’t have time to print you could easily draw your own tracing sheets.


Both the girls were disappointed when they had finished all their sheets.

Sticker LETTER Trace, is on our to-do now (: