Our 3 Favorite Simple Snacks for Kids

We love spending time together in the kitchen and today the kids helped make our favorite SIMPLE snacks.

These little sandwiches are so yummy, I’m pretty sure they are my favorite snack! Though it’s not a healthy snack it’s very refreshing on a hot day. This snack was introduced to us at a baseball game by a competing coach who thought Miss Grace was so AWESOME- & she IS! He said his mom made these for him for every baseball game he played when he was little till he was grown and now he makes them for his son- so sweet!

Directions: Spread strawberry frosting in between two graham crackers and store in the refrigerator.

What’s better than frozen yogurt on a hot day? These are so simple and refreshing! My kids love yogurt, but love frozen yogurt even more!

Directions: Put yogurt in a sandwich bag, snip off a corner, place yogurt dots on wax paper and pop in the freezer.

Up, next are these simple fruit snacks that I’m sure have to be healthier than most sold in stores. I got this recipe from dear ole’ pinterest linking back to Six Sisters’ Stuff.

All you need for this snack is a 3oz box of flavored Jello, 2 (.25oz) packages of unflavored gelatin and 1/3 cup water
Directions: Pour your water into a small pot on the stove, sprinkle the jello and gelatin packages on the water and heat on medium heat, stirring occasionally until the powder is dissolved, then pour into your molds and let set 20min.

So, we want to know what are your favorite simple snacks for kids?