Sticker Name Trace

Like our Sticker Shape Trace I had a ton of Easter stickers we needed to use so the kiddos used them to trace their names.

This activity is so easy to put together and it lasts awhile, long enough to prep a lesson or do some laundry. The kids wanted to trace even more letters with stickers when they finished their names. This is a MUST DO activity!!!


Sticker Shape Trace


We have an abundant amount of stickers in our home, I’m always trying to find new ways to discard them. This little, fun & time consuming activity was perfect to practice our shapes and use up a bunch of stickers. Little Miss (4yrs) knows all her shapes, but loved the activity still and Miss Grace (2yrs) is in the process of learning and drawing all her shapes so this was awesome practice for her.


We had shape printouts from Coloring Castle already printed out, but if you didn’t have time to print you could easily draw your own tracing sheets.


Both the girls were disappointed when they had finished all their sheets.

Sticker LETTER Trace, is on our to-do now (: