Laundry Tips For 1 Load a Day

Tell that laundry pile GOODBYE!

I’ve successfully been doing 1 load of laundry per day for the last 6ish months. It’s amazing not to have the laundry to-do pressures weighing on your shoulders. We are a family of 5 with 2 girls who have been known to change clothes up to 12 times a day (NOT JOKING!) and a newborn. We are also a paper towel/napkin free home so we use a drawer full of hand towels towels in about 2 days.

Laundry Tips:

1. Get rid of all the laundry hampers throughout your home and keep only 1 hamper beside your washing machine to hold dirty items such as curtains, sheets and blankets or special wash items. When that hamper gets full wash it, meaning you may was 2 loads in one day every so often. Mr. B’s clothng requires baby detergent so his room contains a basket collecting his dirty clothes which I was once it gets full.

2. THE BIGGEST TIP: When you have dirty clothes don’t throw them in a hamper or on the floor, immediately put them to the washing machine. TRAIN YOUR FAMILY TO DO THIS! Yes, this means I do not separate laundry into piles (whites, colors, jeans, etc.) and no, I have never noticed a difference in our clothing. Immediately start the washing machine when you have a full load, when it’s done washing immediately transfer to the dryer so that you can start filling your washing machine once again.

3. Fold your washed and dried laundry the day you wash it to avoid it piling up. I promise a basket full of laundry takes 5 minutes to fold and 3 minutes to put away. That’s not even 10 minutes of your day!

4. Use the same towel from getting out of the shower for 2-3 days then wash that towel and get another. Doing this will cut down on your daily laundry dramatically.

5. Stick to these tips! Follow through and you will always be laundry stress free.


My laundry room always looks like this, where as before sometimes it was tough to even get the door opened.

Oh, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I had to add a sock to the missing sock bag. Immediately tossing the laundry into the washing machine has eliminated our missing sock issue.