Valentines Teacher Gift & A Big Hello!

Hi there! I’m a new member of Timeless Adventures, my name is Sasha and I am a mommy to four little munchkins, Miss Marylee, Little Man, Miss Moo (she has a love for cows!), and Miss Rae. Tiffany is my cousin in law and since we have a lot of the same views and passions she decided to let me blog along beside her! If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask! Now onto the valentines teacher gift!

My oldest daughter Miss Marylee is in kindergarten and we just love her teacher! She is a wonderful lady and has made the transition into our big girls school years so much easier! And so it just seems right to get her something special to show her how much we appreciate her! I saw a few ideas on Pinterest with clipboards and decided to run with it!


At target I found a clipboard that opens to hold different items. I picked up some binder clips, sticky notes, colorful pens, and some cute magnets to add! Target color codes most of their supplies so pick your favorites or mix and match! I also picked up some Valentines pencils in the dollar bins, because a teacher can never have too many of them! And of course a bag of chocolates had to be clipped along! What’s a Valentines gift without some chocolate?! To make it just a bit more special I added her name with alphabet stickers.


I also picked up a card for Miss Marylee to fill out! She wrote the whole card out by herself, only asking for help to stretch (sound out) the words she wasn’t sure how to spell. We have found it extremely helpful to let her put her words together to make a sentence. Sometimes she misses a word she meant to write but she is getting better and better at putting her own thoughts into words on paper. Slowly stretching out the sounds of the words without actually saying the letters usually reminds her of what letter she is trying to think of to spell a word. With a bit of help and encouragement it’s well worth the time to let your child do it on their own!

She even added a picture of her teachers family going to the zoo!

I am excited to be posting here, and look forward to giving you good ideas, helpful advice, and adventures you can do with your children!


Cardboard Tube Heart Stamping

In my AWANA class yesterday evening we made beautiful heart stamp pictures for the people we love.

This is such a simple activity. All you need is paint, cardboard tube & paper. Simply shape the end of the tube into a heart and begin stamping!

We added glitter to our finished products!

Happy Valentines Day, friends 🙂

Valentine Sensory Bin

Our simple Valentines Day sensory bin contained white rice as our filler. I opted for the uncolored rice because we usually use bright colors for our fillers and I was wanting the colors of our play items to POP. We added red and silver glitter to the rice which we all LOVED. In fact my oldest said it made the bin so beautiful.

In separate containers I provided fake diamonds, red poms, rose petals, fake roses and foam hearts to play with. I also provided a few measuring spoons and trays for sorting and combining the play materials.

This bin encouraged a lot of pretend baking for Valentines like Little Miss’ Rose Cheese Cake and Miss Grace’s Mini Heart Cakes!

I’d love to see your kiddos Valentines Sensory Bin! Please leave me a link here or on the Timeless Adventure Facebook page.

“You Color My World” Valentines {Part One}

We have been hard at work for over a week making part of the kids’ valentines gifts for their family and friends. We were given a large bucket of old and broken crayons that had been separated by color which sparked the idea of gifting, made with love, heart shaped crayons.

How to:
-Gather and collect as many old or broken crayons as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends if they have some laying around they would like to get rid of.
-Sort by color
-Remove all paper from crayons
-Break crayons into smaller pieces
We used the baby food jar and boiling water method to melt our crayons, like Fun on a Dime did.
When we FINALLY finished we grouped them together and made a tower of love tied together with yarn.

Our “you color my world” valentines aren’t finished just yet, stay tuned tuned!

Valentines Math With Dice

My per-kinder has been hard at work on number recognition and writing because she is way excited to start school this fall. Side note: Mommy is NOT ready, haha. Anyway…

How we played:
1) Roll the dice
2) Count the dots
3) Find the correct numbered heart
4) Practice writing the number

The excitement she had in anticipation for what she was going to to roll was probably her favorite part, along with rolling the same number and having to write it several times in a roll.

Valentines Diamond Count

To kick off our Numbered Heart Activities for Valentines Day, I bring you…

This was a simple & fun activity for my kiddos! They love any chance they get to play with their new diamond beads.

There are a couple of ways you could play with this activity tray.
1) Draw a numbered heart and count out the correct number of diamonds
2) Place any amount of diamonds on the heart, have your child count them and then locate the correct numbered heart

Both ways are great practice for counting and number recognition.

RAOK Love Tokens


My kiddos effortlessly bestow kindness on everyone they come across outside of our home, but sometimes and in most cases here lately, kindness is far from the way my children are treating one another. I’ve seen so much hype about RAOK for Valentines and I got to thinking… we need RAOK at home! I want my children to treat one another the way they treat others and for it to become a habit.

I threw together “love buckets” for each of my children (not including Mr.B)


& another bucket filled with 50 love tokens which they will receive when they do a RAOK at home.


The idea is that when all the love tokens are dispensed into the love buckets the kids get to choose an at home family activity like family game night, movie night, dance night, etc.

Kindness begins at home!