Rose Petal Tea Party

My beautiful bouquet of roses that my amazing husband delivered to me for Valentines day were very wilted this morning. Usually I would toss them in the trash, but the petals on my roses still looked pretty so I removed all the petals and put them in a basket to think of some kind of project to do with my girls like a “ROSE PETAL TEA PARTY”. I gathered our tea set, a glass bowl, some mason jars filled with clear and colored water and some wooden spoons. Before I let the girl come outside I scattered the rose petals in our yard for them to gather.

I didn’t have to explain what was going on once I gave them their basket and they had a look at the play invitation they were hard at work gathering the petals, pouring water, mixing, mushing and adding other natural materials to their rose petal tea concoction.

& there we sat in our front yard pretend sipping on our rose petal tea, which had a wonderful fragrance I must add.

We can’t wait till it warms up even more for more outdoor adventures, but for now we anticipate a snow storm coming in tomorrow.



Kitchen Sink Activities: CAR WASH

We have been stuck indoors due to freezing or near freezing temps along with the majority of our family having icky colds, so the littles have been very hard to entertain.

This afternoon we gathered all our toy cars and such for a kitchen sink activity. On one side of the kitchen sink I provided a container full of shaving cream and a sponge while the other side of the sink contained warm soapy water and a dishrag.


I then let the littles begin their car wash!


Those cars sure got squeaky clean and I had two happy littles with this easy adventure.


I can’t wait to throw together more kitchen sink activities. It was a nice change in pace from my usual unconfined messy activities.


Ice Cube Painting

I’m apart of a local children’s art group and today we met to do some ice cube painting.

This activity is brilliant and beautiful!



Jessie, my friend, our children’s art group leader and also kids blog author from Play Create Explore used tempera paints, poster paint and kool-aid to make our beautiful ice cubes.

To view many more pictures, details and prior art group meet-ups visit The Children’s Art Group blog.

Ice Boats

We spent our early afternoon on the porch enjoying some ice boat play inspired by Mama Mia’s Heart2Heart.


I provided the girls will a mixing spoon, measuring spoon, sea shells, buckets & four of their mini lalaloopsy dolls along with their ice boats.



While waiting for the ice to begin to melt and the color of the water to change the girls spun their boats around by creating waves, they decorated the ocean bottom and let their dollies take rides on the boats while the boats floated around.



It wasn’t long before the ice boats quickly began to melt, the water changed color and the girls moved everything into one bin. Even after the ice boats were gone the water play continued with the “play props” I provided.

Any kind of water play is a favorite in our home 🙂

Tuesday Tots

Backyard Kiddie Clothesline

Only a few days of play in the surprise playhouse and it was very apparent the kids certainly needed there own clothesline. Mud pies meant water and water meant clothes being drenched and then removed and lastly thrown all over the yard. It only made sense that if they wanted to remove their clothes they needed to hang them to dry so they could be thrown in the laundry bin.

I had an extra Clothesline Busy Bag, similar to the one from Money Saving Mom that I set up for the girls in between two trees by the playhouse. They were so excited to use it so I gave them a bowl of soapy water and the felt clothes and they began washing & hanging.


Our busy bag sits on the self of the playhouse for outdoor use anytime they feel like washing felt clothes.

Tuesday Tots