Little Red Hen Craft

Every week we fill up a basket with items that are the color of our color of our week. (Below is a picture of our Orange basket)

For our RED week we watched and listened to the story The Little Red Hen by Josheph Jacobs and then made this cute paper plate little red hen.

(directions: picture is self explanatory)

Animal Snow Day {Baby Bin}

A few days ago we had our first good snow this winter. With it being Mr. B’s 1st snow day I was too excited to let him discover. I tossed some in a tray then added his favorite animals to play with gnaw on.

I let him discover the cold animals and snow on his own and he was absolutely loving it. While he examined the snow I would tell him “cold snow” and soon enough each time he touched the snow he would look at me and grin waiting for me to tell him once again.

I love to see Mr. B in discovery 🙂

& I must share Mr. B with his aunt, sisters and VERY FIRST SNOWMAN!


Play Dough Cages {Zoo Activity}


We are taking a trip to a zoo this weekend and have been talking about animals and the zoo all week! This was an easy activity for my kiddos and they played for an hour making cages! We talked all about the different types of animals they may have, what kind of environments they live in, and which animals eat plants, veggies, and meat. They loved it! Even Miss Rae loved watching and playing with the little animals!


All you need is little play animals, play dough, and sticks!