Ice Cube Painting

I’m apart of a local children’s art group and today we met to do some ice cube painting.

This activity is brilliant and beautiful!



Jessie, my friend, our children’s art group leader and also kids blog author from Play Create Explore used tempera paints, poster paint and kool-aid to make our beautiful ice cubes.

To view many more pictures, details and prior art group meet-ups visit The Children’s Art Group blog.

Ice Boats

We spent our early afternoon on the porch enjoying some ice boat play inspired by Mama Mia’s Heart2Heart.


I provided the girls will a mixing spoon, measuring spoon, sea shells, buckets & four of their mini lalaloopsy dolls along with their ice boats.



While waiting for the ice to begin to melt and the color of the water to change the girls spun their boats around by creating waves, they decorated the ocean bottom and let their dollies take rides on the boats while the boats floated around.



It wasn’t long before the ice boats quickly began to melt, the water changed color and the girls moved everything into one bin. Even after the ice boats were gone the water play continued with the “play props” I provided.

Any kind of water play is a favorite in our home 🙂

Tuesday Tots