3D Rainbow Paper Strips {& Lessons Using Glue}

A few weeks ago we made these extremely fun 3D rainbows. For my preschooler I put numbers on the colored strips and numbers on the base of our paper. Little Miss had to match the correct strip to the numbers and glue them.

My toddlers got to glue their color strips freely on their papers.

This activity was to give us a lesson in glue. We’ve been discussing “just a dot not a lot” and about how long it takes for glue to dry before its safe to move projects. With this activity we held our strips down and counted to 10 before moving on.

Shamrock & Lucky Tree Paintings


We have been talking about St. Patricks day coming up and decided to kick off our crafts for the holiday with some simple paintings! All you need is paper, finger paint, and a bell pepper or two!

For the bell pepper drawings just cut in half and clean bell pepper. We talked about the shape of the bell pepper and what shamrocks have to do with Saint Patty’s day. Dip in green paint and stamp paper.

For the lucky trees I helped the kids stamp their handprints on a piece of paper, then they added gold coins with their finger tips in yellow paint. Once dry I drew on tree trunks.

These were super easy fun activities for the kiddos to do!